About Us

Africa can be a major sustainable agricultural power

The future of the world lies in the development of African agriculture. With its immense natural resources, Africa holds the key to scaling up sustainable agriculture. When properly harnessed, these resources can transform the continent into a leading agricultural power.
In addition, African agriculture can address 13 out of 17 SDGs linked to food security, economic growth, poverty alleviation, and environmental sustainability. In fact, any dollar invested in African agriculture is the best investment towards achieving SDGs.
In the light of these observations, dozens of leading institutions and organizations from Africa and the rest of the world united in a coalition following the Paris Peace Forum’s call to action, “Africa Can Be a Major Agricultural Power”.

But three major challenges hinder this transformation

1. Lack of Consensus and Misalignment:
Differences in vision and priorities between African countries and the Global North create fragmented efforts and inefficient resource use, hindering effective agricultural development.

2. Massive Funding Gap of the African Agricultural Sector:
With an estimated funding gap of over $200bn/year, public spending, private investments, and donor aid are all below the levels needed to achieve the SDGs.

3. Backdrop of Climate-Related Challenges:
Africa faces severe impacts from climate change, compounded by inadequate infrastructure like irrigation and storage, which stifle agricultural productivity.

That is why ATLAS has been created

ATLAS is a high level multi-stakeholder platform for North-South policy dialogue and cooperation to unlock the full potential of African agriculture, following the Paris Peace Forum’s call to action.

ATLAS advocates for a globally shared vision on a sustainable African agricultural transformation, breaking away from North and South divides, and seeing agriculture and climate as partners rather than adversaries.

ATLAS pushes and sets targets for sufficient and efficient investments, aiming to increase political attention and financial resources.

With a permanent secretariat hosted by the Paris Peace Forum and regular events, ATLAS labels projects in line with the sustainable intensification of African agricultural systems, monitors the progress, impact, and effectiveness of initiatives, helping inform future actions.